Put a Cork in it.

February 11, 2014 — 4 Comments

So a few weeks ago I featured Andi’s Cork Ball as my “Make” for Listed Week 1. I FINALLY was able to pull together my very own and I’m absolutely in LOVE with it. In fact, I made two.

Cork Ball H-01

Holy cow though did it made a dent in my cork stash.

I’m not going to repeat Andi’s tutorial here, so if you want a step by step please visit her site. It’s pretty self explanatory though.

Cork Ball-01

Glue Gun & Glue
1 Billion Corks
Styrofoam Ball
Paint (the color of the corks)


COrk Ball 3-01

I will give this pro tip though: make sure you’re mixing up the type of corks and the color of the cork ends (white vs. red) 


With that, this wine-o, out.


4 responses to Put a Cork in it.


    They turned out great!! :)


    These are adorable! Great idea. We used corks to make a trivet for hot pans and such…use it all the time!

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